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Bamboo Yoga has been successfully held and thank you very much for all the participation

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Activity details

Bamboo Yoga is a unique concept of aerial yoga practiced on a bamboo tripod. Started in Hong Kong, Bamboo Yoga has its home on one of the most beautiful beaches in Hong Kong - Sai Wan beach. There is a beautiful parallel between bamboo and yoga. Bamboo symbolizes strength, acceptance of the natural flow and openness to wisdom in emptiness. Just like yoga, bamboo means commitment to continuous growth and living a simple and straightforward life. It combines upright integrity with accommodating flexibility. Both yoga and bamboo have the perfect balance of grace and strength, or the Yin and the Yang to create a wholeness, peace, and happiness.


Aerial yoga is a gentle way to get strong, relieve pain and heal the body. Hammocks support the body’s weight, enhance our range of motion and allow us to stretch deeper and work a greater range of back and core muscles. Aerial offers great therapeutic benefits. We use gravity to decompress the spine, realign the vertebrae, relieve disc and nerve pressure, which causes pain


3 part workshop: aerial yoga class at yoga studio followed by a hike to Sai Wan, the most beautiful beach in Hong Kong to fly in the bamboo tripods over the ocean

Schedule & Rundown (will adjust based on actual situation)

Time Content
9am - 10am Aerial class at an indoor yoga studio. The class will consist of a Vinyasa flow using the aerial hammocks.
10:15am Taxi from the studio to Sai Wan Pavilion (at participants’ cost)
11am Short hike from Sai Wan Pavilion to the beach
12pm Arrive at the beach, tripod set up and a short rest, warm up flow
12pm - 2:30 pm Aerial yoga on bamboo tripods on the beach and over the water
3pm Boat back to Sai Kung (130-150 HKD) or hike back to Sai Wan, mini bus/taxi to Sai Kung

Activity dates & time

21 Aug, 9am - 3pm (Sat)

Activity venue

Indoor yoga studio for practice, then to Sai Wan for outdoor yoga




Aged 18 or above

Target: Total beginners are welcome.No experienced required


Registration fee (per person): HK$888

Include small class practice (max 12 persons), indoor yoga studio to practice aerial yoga, outdoor Bamboo Yoga facilities, coach fee (not include food, drink and transportation)

Free gift: Rebel Queen mask case 1 pcs and mask 3 pcs

Free gift: Naturla Chiffon cupcake 4 pcs

After confirming the registration and merchandise purchase, registration details and the purchase cannot be changed or cancelled

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Special Offer

Special offer (1): special price HK$99 (original price HK$148), to buy one Rebel Queen waterproof bag

Special offer (2): two person register at the same time, discount HK$100, ie HK$788 per person


Wendy started her aerial journey in 2016 first indoor, in the studio, to later take her practice outdoors to the beach with Bamboo Yoga. Combining two of her hobbies and favourite elements: yoga and beach, Wendy is passionate about spreading joy at Bamboo Yoga events. She loves inspiring students, teaching them new tricks and finding the best angles to shoot their poses. Wendy believes that aerial yoga not only improves our health but also can boost our confidence. She shares the positive energy with her students and encourages them to challenge themselves in a safe way. Let’s snap and have fun


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Bamboo Yoga

Points to note

- Please register as Rebel member before registering for the activity

- Because the activity involves yoga exercises, and may be carried out in hot weather, participants should carefully consider whether they are suitable for participation according to their physical and health conditions, and understand that the activity is dangerous. All participants are likely to be injured

- The activity involves a transportation from urban area to Sai Kung and participants will do a hike, participants are suggested to bring light gear and suggested not to bring valuable items

- If you do not receive the confirmation email from us, it may be sent to the ""Miscellaneous Mailbox/Spam Mailbox"" or the email you provided is incorrect. If you cannot receive the email about the activity, please email to to check with us

- If the Hong Kong Observatory hoists or announces that a red, black or above rainstorm warning signal, or typhoon signal No. 3 or above will be hoisted 2 hours before the activity, the activity will be cancelled or rescheduled, and all fees will not be refunded. If we consider that the weather is not suitable for the activity, it reserves the right to cancel or reschedule the activity. If the activity is cancelled due to weather or other non-human-controlled environmental impacts, we will be announced via Facebook and IG.

- Please do not eat at least 3hrs before doing aerial yoga, have light breakfast in the morning, bring snacks

- To go back from Sai Wan, you can hike back or take a boat

- What should I bring? Cash for transportation, sunscreen, yoga clothes, towel, swimwear, water, snacks etc.

- There is toilet near Sai Wan beach, ok to get changed. There is also a kiosk to buy drinks

- Participants are recommended to buy suitable insurance if needed