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Every day we commute around this city in a busy manner, without laying our eyes on the surroundings long enough to get familiar with.

In this activity, our tour guide will take you on a journey, to jog along streets and alleys in various neighbourhoods.

By revisiting every shop and store along in a brisky pace, and listening to a few stories about them told by our tour guide, you will learn to taste these culture and history just in a few kilometers of journey.

And ever since, you will be able to treasure this city from a brand new perspective.

Activity dates & time

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Activity venue

Kowloon District/ Hong Kong Island District




Aged 18 or above

Points to note

- Please register as Rebel member before registering for the activity

- Because the activity needs to run about 5 to 10 kilometers, and may be carried out in hot weather, participants should carefully consider whether they are suitable for participation according to their physical and health conditions, and understand that the activity is dangerous. All participants are likely to be injured

- The activity is mainly carried out in the urban area

- We will provide a simple luggage storage service. The participants are solely responsible for the safety of the stored items. We will not be responsible for any damage or loss. We recommends that participants store their items 15 minutes before the activity time

- If you do not receive the confirmation email from us, it may be sent to the "Miscellaneous Mailbox/Spam Mailbox" or the email you provided is incorrect. If you cannot receive the email about the activity, please email to to check with us

- If the Hong Kong Observatory hoists or announces that a red, black or above rainstorm warning signal, or typhoon signal No. 3 or above will be hoisted 2 hours before the activity, the activity will be cancelled or rescheduled, and all fees will not be refunded. If we considers that the weather is not suitable for the activity, it reserves the right to cancel or reschedule the activity. If the activity is cancelled due to weather or other non-human-controlled environmental impacts, we will be announced via Facebook and IG.